Across That Universe

Across that Universe…
Events have logged down the lawn
Of grass as it weirdfully looms;
Beneath the shallow hole in the sky
The rains of a laggard languished
Underneath… skipping…searching archy
As it quivers the snowy mountain top.

Across that Universe…
The zenith of that indigo line across
The sea come out like surprise in the eyes;
As it sparkled through a beam of dust
In the skies of memory that lasts!
Who! ...Who! ..Oh! ? whales of the seas
Tumbled under the seabed of coral benches.

Across that Universe…
The star of Andromeda and the Black Hole
Stuck time and space independently!
Thence, where would the crossing ships go?
Where would the slight twitches seam?
Would it be in the light of bit years
To swallow perfectly the weight beneath?

Ah! ...human frailties still lock their limits!
But, it seems as thoughts… it blinks
As wind of an invisible metamorphosis:
The unchanging paradox is what
God is to himself, Alas!

by Gil Gregorio

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