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Across The Blood Of Time

And they've come
and they've gone.
They've lived
and they've died.
by the billions!
that have ever dwelled upon this world.
Fleeting lives
reduced to dust.
and to what end!
what purpose!
Ancient armies
gutted and disembowled upon their swords
Soldiers of world wars,
cleaved by bullets, their brain matter spread across their uniforms like medals.
Human grenades
detonated in explosions of limb and gore!

And God!
a God that promises ever lasting life
with the power to end it all!
but allows this mayhem to continue on
to prove his point
that what he's created is incapable of sustaining life.
Tell me!
You cyberspace writers
of suicide and death,
of love and romance!
Tell me!
what possible significance
do any of us have
in this world
before we disappear,
in the blood
of oceanic time!

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We can not blame God as we get fruits as per our action (karma) . He is the source of happiness. This poem is emotionally sound having high penmanship. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
A fantastically exceptional and emotional poem. Of Great Thinker stature.! Summarizes with its strong and excellent words and metaphors all the human fear and pain that surrounds the mystery of war, life and death. Thoughts that often come to many but expressed here in an unforgettable way. Excellent Work!
oops sorry poet I meant exists? to a warmer plane maybe!
another brilliant poem by the poet before he to joins the billions and brexit's this mortal coil? ..............creatively written for tomorrow maybe!
Mir Taqi Mir known as God of Urdu poetry says I wish not to appear in the court on the Judgement Day...............I have so many questions that have no answers. Mir wasn't bold to give details of those questions but Buried Alive is bold enough to ask such questions.
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