Across The Blood Of Time

And they've come
and they've gone.
They've lived
and they've died.

by buried alive Click to read full poem

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We can not blame God as we get fruits as per our action (karma) . He is the source of happiness. This poem is emotionally sound having high penmanship. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
A fantastically exceptional and emotional poem. Of Great Thinker stature.! Summarizes with its strong and excellent words and metaphors all the human fear and pain that surrounds the mystery of war, life and death. Thoughts that often come to many but expressed here in an unforgettable way. Excellent Work!
oops sorry poet I meant exists? to a warmer plane maybe!
another brilliant poem by the poet before he to joins the billions and brexit's this mortal coil? ..............creatively written for tomorrow maybe!
Mir Taqi Mir known as God of Urdu poetry says I wish not to appear in the court on the Judgement Day...............I have so many questions that have no answers. Mir wasn't bold to give details of those questions but Buried Alive is bold enough to ask such questions.
I like your realism. Talk about graphic and dramatic! But please don't blame God. There are satisfying answers to your questions, friend. For my take on war, have a look at 11/11 The old lie lives on.
There is such passion in your writing... such raw emotions exploding right in the face of the reader, so to say... wow! ...that what Inspiration is! that is how Poetry should be a living heart exploding emotions onto the page! Well done!
Powerful, well written, and all around darkly stunning. "Ancient armies gutted and disembowled upon their swords Soldiers of world wars, cleaved by bullets, their brain matter spread across their uniforms like medals. Human grenades detonated in explosions of limb and gore!" these lines gave me chills. A very good read thank you! ES
Very though provoking and a poem of truth...although God gave us free will to make our choices, not to act as his puppets. SG
very poignant poem and a thought provoking theme.
Very enlightening, well written
Fie on god for such wanton creation. Supposedly a benevolent god, but one who allows such morbidity to exist is no god in my eyes. God is but a liar. It is Evil will always tells the truth. Well done, kudos, I agree with your views entirely.
great! Thought provoking too..Though i don't understand your opinion on God..
Please let me, an insignficant being to tryout few words..All people have some wonders..roads are many and all kind.. I suppose- roads with the biggest pain makes the biggest openings in hearts. We cannot know the truth but we can feel it? How can words accurately reflect feelings? ! ..I suppose love is the answer of life..and.. death...the curse on those who the love once find, might be to never stop. Love might be not all happiness but also greatest that why we shall share? Is that what we search for? is that what we are supposed to live for? to find people to love more then be loved? I am sorry I cannot answer all I get are also questions...Some people are drowned in water some in mud some in drugs or alcohool or money but above all we are drawning in question marks..? ? ? Thak you for share, I loved all your poems from me today you've got lots of 10's.