SOB ( / Galway, Ireland)

Across The Divide Of Time

Sleep, my son, and dream of when
we will trace the alpine glens,
and walk upon the wildest ways
where bears have trod, but seldom men.

Sleep, and dream of future days
when we will stand face to face
across a rushing mountain stream
and laughing, lunge across the spray.

We'll pick our way through talus seams
hear glaciers crack and eagle screams;
beneath the harvest moon we'll spend
our nights and share coyote dreams.

We will walk together then
in the silent ways of men,
side by side upon the trail
o'er sunswept peaks and murky fens.

In far off days we will stand
toe to toe, as man to man
and I shall pause as you pass by
to watch with silent, father's pride.

So sleep in slumber's rest my son,
and lay your head my chest upon;
and as I listen to you breathe,
I will dream of days to come.

© 1997

by Seamus O' Brian

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Comments (26)

How many fathers write poems for their sons? What beautiful thoughts and wishes, made all the more precious by the fact that you’ve actually done those amazing things, and more, with your son. Such a well-crafted poem. My eldest son recently graduated from school and I made him a photo album of his life so far - so many memories. You might like to read one I wrote about him called “Conversation with a Bear.”
A well composed heartfelt poem of the day. Congrats for being picked...10++++
I can imagine all the things and free times you have spent with your beloved son. I adore the photos added, such handsome son and good looking father, I love to look at photographs and especially these ones connected with the amazing poem. The poem has exciting rays of happiness, love and a good life. CONGRATULATIONS being chosen as The Member Poem Of The Day. A 10 Full Score and much, much more. God's Blessings in Abundance.
To have shared so much with a child and know there is so much more is amazing. A fabulous bond you have. Wonderful words and a great story in the photos too.
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