Across The River

When i was younger, i had dreams of going
As i became older my dreams began to go under
As time gained on us i began to wither and
became as cold as the winter
dreams and nightmares wanted us killed so we
moved to a new house on a new hill
With no cares soon we became ill so we moved
at noon so we wont be seen in the feilds
The hole in our hearts we began to fill and
memories of our home began to heal
As slowly as ants in the savannah we began to
as lonely as guests in the cabana we began to
Seeing the world only through my pair of eyes, i
thought everybody was cold like a pair of ice,
always on the move like a pair of dice
Deception and lies sucking our blood just like lice
Across the river we met the believers that had
come to deliver
Across the river, we found silver and i found the
one thing that made me shiver
For her, i will be a giver, i will give her what ever
even my liver
For her, i will quiver, what ever she does i will be
a forgiver
Found life, found a wife
found my beginning, found my ending
All across the river
I am now a believer.

by Funkekeme Akposeye

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