The Lonely Flower - By Daniel Bunt

My home is here,
Im here to stay.
No-where to move,
Or to get away.
So, so lonely.

My life is short,
Just like my stem.
This is how,
My story began.

Now im older,
I want much more.
Than to just stand here,
Without even a door.

Here comes a girl,
She`s about three.
She leans over,
And she.. She picks me.

Finally now,
I think ive found a friend.
But she holds me so tight,
Until sadly, I bend.

From lonely to broken,
My home now gone.
My new friend didnt know,
About what is right, or Wrong.

I lay here now,
On the Ground.
Bent, and sadly,
Again with no home.

Because im the lonely Flower,
With no friends, no doors
An now,
Without even a home.

I am The Lonely Flower

So just please, please..

Leave me alone.

by Daniel Bunt

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soothing, great lines. Konst.10