- -My love-

My dream's Swatch formless
deep thou hold this being,
Eternal damnation that Intertwined,
From the eyewink of the opening of my eyes,

Elixir to my cursed breath thou staved my fate,

The lovethou pourest upon this retired self,
No less than Ascension to the zenith,

High thought with no inflated sense uptake,
My Moronic being to offer to thy feet,

Imbibed in Uprooted realm of my mind.

Grimace of Patrimonial ordure,
The assault of Unyielding line's upshot,
Arrayed not our long cherished Connubial

Yea And Nay of our fanciful days asserted,

Escarp not our heart's facile, rootybondage,

Now and new forever will Stand our bond.

by Prabir Gayen

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