KA (08.11.1958 / Kiev)

Acrostic 3. Noodle… Noodle… Noodle…

- Nancy, I see your boot.
- Oh! You won’t put
On me! Is it my size?
- Don’t you recognize?
- Lewis, it was hidden! And
Either you or Tim did that!

- Noodle! Either my cat
Or Tim’s parrot did that:
Only one of them could
Dig out your rubber boot
Lost last year. I’m in
Earnest. You can ask Tim.

- Noodle’s you! If your cat
Or Tim’s parrot did that,
Only one of them could
Dig in my new rubber boot
Last year. You should agree,
Else I’ll think you’re a cheat!

- None of us dug your boot in.
- Oh! Neither you nor Tim?
Only Tim’s pet or yours!
Do you know whose it was?
Look in my eyes! I knew that!
Either your pig or your rat!

No doubt your pig
Ought to get a good kick!
- Oh! Please, don’t kick…
- Don’t try to make me
Leave this over as I’m
Eager to teach him this time!

- Nancy, it was my rat.
- Oho! I bet
Oaf’s lazy! If he
Dug my boot, it’s a deed!
- Look, there’re seeds in it.
Easy to see it’s his eats.

Nancy, don’t you think
Oaf mustn’t be kicked?
- Only if he stops
Digging my boots with crops.
Lapses of memory
Earn cruel therapy.

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WOW! ! ! ! What an poem written in an acrostic form, a poem for all much better for children with some sense of humor. Or should i say its a children's story written lightly and vividly...I admire your creativity the flow is awesome. You have managed to do it in 7 acrostic stanzas...a 10++++