LMG (July 12,1952 / New York City)

Acrostic: All About Death

Darkest winged Angel uninvited
Everywhere you gather
A gathering of black petaled roses
The pounding black hooves and cawing crows
Herald the arrival of the Great Equalizer

Will there be a new life?
I want to know
Long after Life's journey
Loses my soul

No one has answers
Only Faith and religions claim they know just
To comfort the heartbreaking tears as they flow

The loved ones who are left by Death behind
Ask the Angels and Deities who
Know how it goes in the Great Divide
Everything comes to an end

Your Faith is strongest when you believe
Only believing makes us brave
Under the Truth beyond the grave or urn
Restless as ghosts haunting eternal or do we forever sleep?

Some say no
Our souls live forever
United with the Universe as infinite treasure
Living Spirit, divine Spark that breathes in all that is finite.

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Comments (3)

Awesome poem! ! You have combined the questions with answers from different aspects of religion and thought. This poem is really great and has a power all it's own! Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn
Fantastic poem! Says and asks it, All. Anyway, you have left part on your immortality here
Beautiful poem on death.. The thoughts in the poem is the thoughts of every individual who are anxious to know the secrecy of death and rebirth. In fact believe in god is also said to be giving the braveness to face the finality of life in peace and such expectation to come back with new birth. A very good idea and poem in such beautiful word power and truly enjoyed it in reciting. Before death the perfect equalizer it is a nice idea.