Diamonds In The Sea….

Where our best hopes
Are for the least of sad
Where the waves still reach
For heights they never had

They drum their song
Onto this sand they throng
And upon the sea
It leaves a song…..

Not of a tragedy

And not an echo
In serendipity, no
Love is through eyes delight,
Drawn into the divine moonlight

Oh my brilliant, radiance of this
Nocturne, night of bliss
I'm abandoned to you
Whilst lost on me

Now to count the treasure
Endless in measure
Fallen to the silt
Are the diamonds in the sea….


Comments (1)

Blimey you do have the poetic religious gift Leaven! A truer prayer poem I have never heard! Spot on the subconscious pulse of humanity. Welcome to PH, Smiling at you, Tai