Act Of State

There was a man
King by name and deed
Sustained by angels prayer
Heart of man, God set Free
Walked in deaths dark lair
Upon his heart composed
A dream for you and me
Greeted with prejudice and hate
He marched for freedom
Sun bathed skin his heritage
Non-violence his mantra
He dreamed for you and me
Tough mind and tender heart
Agape his grace blood
A man of the people
tis treacherous vocation
We shall overcome
The words of hope
New York speech
Sealed his fate
No lone gunman
But an act of state
this lie may last forever
Sustained by pen, it may
His trust in his Lord
And they killed him today
Maladjusted to the great lie
A kingdom too far
For the Masters of war
Scorned, and assassinated
Carlyle, lies can last forever
Truth Shall Overcome
then, and only then, sing
Free at Last, free at last

by Adrian Wait

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