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Act One

See now this democracy's darkest hour
Lackeys dare speak truth to power
See the talks with formal discourse
Then reach an impasse with no recourse 

See the clout embers as they burn up the vane
See yourself lurch as you fill with propane 
Lighting up proudly, your last cigarette 
Ramble to jaunt on your second step

See yourself driving the streets of Aleppo
See the insurgent men of Colombo
See the training camps, see to the plan
Ignore the travel ban in Azerbaijan

See the regime downfall, it's a natural law
A call for a fair wherewithal 
Liberty wafting and can't forestall 
Platitude of honorable mention of all

See a Catholic church with no crucifix
See a mental asylum without lunatics
See a philosopher with no mind of his own
See a parliament house without politics

See the heating rise of the bourgeoisie
See the the towering rooftop marquee
A presentation for a bastard crowd
An Act to even make Caligula proud

See the stage where the play plays out
See the actor as he lets out a shout
Hear the lead and hear it with gravity
Akin to a Greco-roman tragedy

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