JTR (Undisclosed / Whitechapel, England)

Action And Reaction

Smoke a cigar, end up dead
Eat a steak, end up dead
Drink too much, end up dead

That's the mantra of today, made to keep humans from play

The facts are this: the reaper's kiss

Don't smoke any cigars, end up dead
Don't eat any steaks, end up dead
Don't drink at all, end up dead.

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Comments (7)

No concern at all for the soul, though?
A bit of a nihilistic take on life, but well-written and bluntly honest.
How about, moderate and end up old, coughing slightly and a bit tubby, but happy and not dead so early? thanks for the smile, Tai
This was too cool.... This gets a 10 from me Jack! Always, Linda
To quote the late great Jim Morrison: 'I don't believe in all that s***, but I'll tell you one thing: I'm going to get my kicks before the whole s***house goes up in flames'. Use your head, end up dead... Keep writing, this is great.
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