Actions Are Louder Then Words...

action speaks louder then words.
its a saying, phrase that everyone uses..

i finally got that meaning today.
heard it before, didnt care much.
till that special girl, walked in my life.
till this day, i love her with my heart and soul.

i showed her i love her in each way thats possible.
the hugs, kisses, letters, emails, messages.
and on valentines day..
i wrote all over the place.
tell her just how special she means to me...
everyway that possible. i think i've done it.

im done and through.
her actions hurt me like needles.
her words are bitter and harsh..
those hugs she gives, no longer have meaning.

my heart is no longer pounding.
this emptiness, of nothing..
has taken over me.
i smile this empty smile.
go on with my life, with nothing to look forward to.
no goals, hopes, dreams.
dont have faith in me.
cause i dont..

her actions.. speak louder then her words..
i love you.. she says.. i dont care.. not anymore.

by Dislocated Heart

Comments (3)

well...umm ok, you dont have to care if you dont wanna nobody asked you to write.... -curly
Better to find out now than to let years and years go by living with someone who really doesn't care. Heartfelt poem with much emotions. I can tell this person in the poem will find true love one day as they are not willing to settle for what is not true love. At ten on the poem. Sincerely, Connie Webb
I am assuming you wrote this in February 2008? Your BIO says you are 16. Is all of your experiences you write about with one true love or are you soul searching. Be careful. It sounds like some of the girls you are choosing are not worthy of your sensitivity, Hang in there 'old soul' in a young body Karin