5th October 2007

Sullen Dillinger,
You killed and robbed the bank,
The staff cringe at the mice,
Use to much hairspray and don’t wear enough cheese clothe,
Individual members of the untouchable rough necks,
Each with shiny shoes and $200 suits,
Eyes like vacant priests,
Tongues of silver,
New cars and first to get served for bread and milk,
The girls loved the danger,
100 miles an hour chases with a gun shot wound to show for them,
The girls with there pale bodies,
The red nail varnish amplified there doll like appearance,
Perfect lipstick,
Enough to stain the moon,
A lipstick stained moon circling like a crisp new vinyl,
And all the wild gal's dance to its song,
Warm misty summer nights with whiskey on the hip,
Catching a ride to the town with endless charm.

by Dimitrios Cofinas

Comments (1)

A nice poem following the Iambic pentameter form, excepting the fifth line that becomes a quasi-tetrameter.