A tree of blood soaks the morning
where the newborn woman groans.
Her voice leaves glass in the wound
and on the panes, a diagram of bone.

The coming light establishes and wins
white limits of a fable that forgets
the tumult of veins in flight
toward the dim cool of the apple.

Adam dreams in the fever of the clay
of a child who comes galloping
through the double pulse of his cheek.

But a dark other Adam is dreaming
a neuter moon of seedless stone
where the child of light will burn.

by Federico García Lorca

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Adam's bone... where Eve began and was formed... She was made for him and him for her.... The apple made Him choose her... Exiled, outcast...against the world.... She bore him a child.... Pained, to pay for the bone, a rebirth.... a hope that this child... would one day pay for their error.....