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Adam And Eve
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Adam And Eve

Poem By Dee Daffodil

My daughter...is a thinking child
I say that, not just as a proud Mom
But as someone
With great admiration and respect for her

Today, after a conversation about gifted people
She came to me and said...
'Mom...who were the first two people on earth? '
I replied 'Adam and Eve'
Then I qualified that with...
'..or so the story goes...'

So then she said to me
(I knew she was setting me up!)
'If they were the first two people on earth
How do we know their names? '
She explained her point of view
Quite nicely I thought...
As only she can do...by hamming it up!
'So...they were in the cave right?
Then Adam says...Eve.....Ugg...cave mess...
Clean it up! !
How did anyone know what their names really were? '

Good point!

I thought to myself...
Ok...so there's gifted....
And then there's gifted! !

Dee Daffodil (HW) October 9,2007

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Comments (14)

Hi So often, the simplicity of truth comes from the mouth of a child. Their real names where Albert and Cynthia, but it didn't have the same ring to it Well Enjoyed Steve
Kids really do say the d a r n d e s t things, especially when they are gifted. I know this will be a treasured memory. Wonderful write. Richard
I like this poem from the soul. Brilliant
excellent theme told in beautiful words conveying all the love...........good [poem
beautiful story, i cant wait to have my own children now.
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