SM (June 1941, Cancer / Egypt)

In The Monastery

sitting meditation created pain
my legs being wooden
so I loved walking mediation
especially one night
when the Head Monk
led the way into the darkness
with a flashlight
and all I could see was
the blizzard whizzing past
a guy in front of me
as the howling wind
overwhelmed the heartbeats of humans
flipping me into a blip of euphoria
my laughter
free to fall everywhere
without obstruction
the wind windless
snow soft as an ancient opiate pillow
enticing sleep
so I stepped off the line
lay down
unperturbed unemotional
in the tranquilizing drifts
narcotized by cool dreams
of high white stars
and me burning
one utter conflagration
and placing palms together
babbled, “Bernstein’s coffin is a billion
fine with him.”
Suddenly the glare of the Head Monk’s
flashlight seared my eyes
and a second later
felt his grip
as he whispered, “Cut
this amateur crap.”
The fellow meant well
but the word “amateur”

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Comments (4)

Apple fantasy of Adam and EVE is nicely penned. Thanks for share
i always wondered what the real story was. i like it enough to send it to my poemlist. it was convenient that there was at least one fig tree as well. knowing adam, i don't think an apple leaf would suffice. and HERE we are TODAY. good thing i'm not a christian or i might be upset....maybe not.
I am bored Adam I am bored Eve Let's walk together in the garden It is afternoon Adam after all desires to befullfilled otherwise life will beboredom as ralized by them.. good work and very thoughtful for all the times tocome....10 read mine inflamed mind.. the sun.... how r u/
Excellent work, love it 10+++