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Adam And Eve Love Story
SM (June 1941, Cancer / Egypt)

Adam And Eve Love Story

Adam and Eve love story is legend
A story written in golden letters
Thousands and thousands years ago
in time immemorial and forgotten
The greatest love story took place
In paradise, Adam enjoyed all the pleasure
In his heart, something was always missing
Adam searched around in no avail
It was an early morning sunny day
In midst of trees and behind the fog
On top of the hill a figure appeared
Adam approached it slowly and quietly
Thoughts floated in his mind wildly
the moment when he saw wonderful beauty
Shining radiating smile of young lady
Adam said hello I am lonely Adam
I am Eve she sweetly answered
Extending their arms they embraced
The story of eternal love began
The sparks of happiness were ignited
Adam felt not lonely anymore
His wildest dreams were fulfilled
Since that unforgettable day
Adam and Eve were always together
In the paradise, there were lakes and rivers
Gardens of shaded trees and fields of flowers
Fruits of all kinds of tastes and shapes
Adam watched Eve fondly one spring day
She was taking bath and swimming happily
Eve caught Adam glancing behind the bushes
She laughed and he was truly embarrassed
Eve loved walking between roses and flowers
Adam loved picking fruits from the trees
Eve had long shiny hair which Adam admired
Adam had muscular body which Eve loved
One bright day Adam brought fresh fruits
Eve looked unhappy and complained
She whispered to Adam very softly
Adam, I do not want these fruits
Eve said look down there at this tree
There is a shiny apple that I want
Underneath the tree there was devil snake
He played tricks and had evil persuasions
Adam and Eve were foolishly deceived
The events since then developed rapidly
The fortunes of Adam and Eve were over
What exactly have happened to them
In the holy books you can all find

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Isn't it ALWAYS THE WOMAN who is the man's downfall? ? ? I've fallen several times, but i STILL like apple pie. Got any? bri :)
well shyly recorded sir the apple were Adam's balls and the snake the coiled up she wanted it in her palace called Venice Hope you have been doing it @78 I am also wondering how more longer will I be lingering seeking the comfy provided by EVE since then and for ever more for her love man will be forever man devouring her as often and oftener he can his virile serpent seeds humanity and chaste as a woman be she doesn't ever reveal whose seed
nice to read you will you kindly read my bestest pem MOMS SMILES Tooo thank you