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Adam And Eve Paradise Wedding
SM (June 1941, Cancer / Egypt)

Adam And Eve Paradise Wedding

It is the last day of paradise
Adam and Eve had a busy day
For departure from paradise
For new life in some brand world
It is the happy celebration night
There will be Adam and Eve wedding
It should be wonderful merry event
The birds conveyed the news all over
Singing and flapping their wings
It is Adam and Eve wedding night
Let's have food, music and dance
All be heading towards the wedding
The big bears and the hump camels
The horses were first to arrive
The unlucky turtles were the last
The stars of this fabulous night
The groom and bride Adam and Eve
Eve dress was all flowers and roses
Adam all in green with exotic tree leaves
After dinner the festival of music began
The birds joyous in spirit sweetly sang
The lions roared majestically so proud
Sounding like large brass French horns
The foxes and wolves barked as bassoons
The cats followed meow, meow in rendition
The elephants sounded like band drummers
They banged the tree logs with their trunks
The horses danced and pranced around
The fish, red, brown and silver swam together
Displaying beauty around the sparkling lakes
The monkeys unruly jumped all over the place
The donkeys mercifully kept silent and quiet
Fun, fun and fun all through the night
When the night joyful festivity was over
All departed in order and very happily
Adam and Eve what fanciful day they had
Crowning their special wedding night
wonderful dreams of new future life

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A beautiful description of a wedding and departure from a carefree life to the real conjugal life that is a test for a married couple......................10
I was excited reading this poetry. Very creative and interesting great write