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Adam And Eve Story Of Love
SM (June 1941, Cancer / Egypt)

Adam And Eve Story Of Love

Adam and Eve Love Story is a legend
A story written in golden letters
Thousands and thousands years ago
in time immemorial and forgotten
The greatest love story took place
Adam enjoyed all the pleasures
In his heart, something was missing
Adam searched around in no avail
It was this early morning day
In the midst of fog and dark trees
On top of the hill a figure appeared
Adam approached it very quietly
Thoughts float in his mind wildly
At the moment when he saw beauty
Shining beautiful smile of young lady
Adam said hello I am lonely Adam
I am Eve she sweetly softly replied
Extending their arms they embraced
The story of love began in a hurry
The spark of happiness was ignited
Adam was not in paradise lonely anymore
His most beautiful dreams fulfilled
Since this great unforgettable day
They were always close together
Eve loved walking between the roses fields
Adam loved gathering fruits from the trees
Eve had long shiny hair which Adam admired
Adam had muscular body which Eve loved
One day Adam brought fruits from the garden
Eve looked unhappy and whispered angrily
Adam, I do not want these fruits
Eve said look Adam at this tree
There is a big shiny apple I want
Underneath the tree was a devil snake
He persuaded them not to obey God
The events developed further swiftly
The fortunes of Adam and Eve changed
All ended unhappy and unexpectedly
What exactly happened next one thinks
They are in the holy books all recorded

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