AH (24/12/1990 / Australia)

Remnants Of Rain

Remains of last night's scanty rain
on wilting arum leaves, under a pointless sun
neither have the energy to burn
nor the power to drip
to the ground that quakes
under threats of hunger and invasion,
when butterflies swoop down from nowhere
with hues of their rainbow wings,
a sullenly silent Nature to adorn;
but birds after bouts of petty squabbles
over issues of nesting and roosting
in search of feeds still go on,
as black ants scour
layers of spurious anthills
that shrinking barks of bare trees mount on;
desperate, fazed frogs jump off the shrubs
looking for hideouts for an early hibernation;
and bedimmed early kash flowers look on
with longings for deep drinks of night dew
under the shadows of a benighted, morning sun.

by Saroj K Padhi

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