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Adam And Steve

They say that God created Adam and Eve
But, he did not create Adam and Steve,
I do not know who he created, as I was not there
And who or why he created, I do not really care;
But, to create he did, and that I truly believe.

GOD created the devil, and he created sin
Though not mentioned, GOD created other races of men,
He created the handicapped and those with a disease
So, why could he not have created Adam and Steve;
According to the Bible and ancestry, aren't we all kin.

Creation was a thought then an idea was to conceive
Then the universe was created and man was to achieve,
Remember this GOD knows us each one and all
Whether we are Adam and Eve, or Steve or Paul;
It is always better to love than to judge and to grieve.

GOD created love and all of its emotions
Man then created hate, jealousy and also devotions,
Some people don't want to lie or to deceive
They say that GOD didn't create them, Adam and Steve;
I wonder where man receives his bias notions.

Did GOD only created Adam and Eve
He created our freedom and the air to which we breathe,
GOD knows us by our soul and not by our gender
To him we must be honest and not a pretender;
Whether we are Adam and Eve or Adam and Steve.

Randy L. McClave

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Truly, we must be honest and not a pretender Loved reading the poem