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Adam Cast Forth
(24 August 1899 – 14 June 1986 / Buenos Aires / Argentina)

Adam Cast Forth

Poem By Jorge Luis Borges

Was there a Garden or was the Garden a dream?
Amid the fleeting light, I have slowed myself and queried,
Almost for consolation, if the bygone period
Over which this Adam, wretched now, once reigned supreme,

Might not have been just a magical illusion
Of that God I dreamed. Already it's imprecise
In my memory, the clear Paradise,
But I know it exists, in flower and profusion,

Although not for me. My punishment for life
Is the stubborn earth with the incestuous strife
Of Cains and Abels and their brood; I await no pardon.

Yet, it's much to have loved, to have known true joy,
To have had -- if only for just one day --
The experience of touching the living Garden.

Translated by Genia Gurarie, 4.1.96
Copyright retained by Genia Gurarie.
email: egurarie@princeton.edu
For permission to reproduce, write personally to the translator.

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a somber reflection ,I feel like am reading words written by Adam himself