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Adam Lyal

Poor Adam Lyal is deceased
His last rights were given by a priest,
No longer has his jail door clanged
This morning, Adam Lyal was hanged.
His brother and him were robbers and thieves
For him only his sister and brother grieves,
To the happiness of his victims, the judge's gavel banged
This morning, Adam Lyal was hanged.
He died on February 14th, Valentine's Day
I wonder if in celebration, if his victims gave candy away,
But, I heard that there was one true broken heart
It belonged to the princess, who does happily fart.
For centuries now he has been dead
Travelers of Edinburgh now have no robbery dread,
He had such a short life from a highwayman's career
Which bought no one joy, but only fear.
Adam Lyal was sent to the Tolbooth gallows for his death
Where he twisted and kicked and took his last breath,
Some now say that history itself repeats
I believe it as so, as I saw Adam Lyal touring Edinburgh streets.

Randy L. McClave

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