Adam Michael Smith

Poem By Shyana Keajls

Stroke my neck, kiss me one last time.
I am yours as you are mine.
Your captive, your slave, theres no way to escape.
Tranced by your spell, there's no way to awake.
Caress my stomach, play with my hand.
A feeling so great no man can understand.
You're beautiful eyes, blue-green they allure me.
The whispered sweet nothings could sure be,
Truth and love, not lust and lies,
Like all the ex-boyfriends I've come to despise.
Hold me close and never let go.
The tears and the heartbreak, I will forgo,
Because you are my guardian, my savior, my love,
My best friend, my Yogi Bear, and a gift from above.
When I think about it, three months have gone fast,
But I'm confident that our affection will last,
There's one thing to say and you've heard it before:
Now you see that 'I love you more! '

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