EG ( / Minehead, UK)

Adam's Glade

As melting snow seeps slowly underground,
To join the stream and flow down to the sea,
New tender shoots of plants are all around -
Snowdrop, primrose and wood anemone.
The sun's pale rays caress the floral show.
Then blossoms turn their heads toward the light
And wait in expectation. For they know
The child who's born that day will bring delight.
Within the cradle Adam coos and sighs.
But when the newborn sees the sheltered glade
His gurgling laughter fills the air and skies.
The blooms rejoice. His future has been laid.
The tumbling stream acclaims that happy boy
As oak and ash unfurl their leaves in joy.

Soon summer sun displays its amber light
To give a warmth, unknown in springtime days,
The glade responds. Resplendent in this light
New flowers bloom in full and kindly ways.
But later still his majesty on high
Sends scorching rays and all these blossoms die
To live again and earth's good fruit supply.
The fields so brown for cooling waters sigh;
While man and beast in shady hedgerows hide.
Our Adam rests, enjoys this peaceful scene
Lifts up his heart to sounds of countryside.
The song of birds within the trees unseen;
And rippling waters sparkling in the sun
Complete this picture when day's work is done.

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