Unforgettable In Your Ear

There are notes in music
that take you high.
And notes that take you low.
When you listen to the notes of music
you never know where you'll go.

Within one song the notes you hear
affect how you will feel.
A plaintive melody might make you sad
or remind you of your pain.
But all of that can change in a minute
as you feel your emotions drain.

Uplifting notes can bring to you
a few moments of ecstatic peace.
Each inspiring strain can take you where
you are able to release
whatever it was that was troubling you,
erase it for a minute or two.

These notes are magic and so is life.
They're there and then they're not.
They're a gift to you from composers
that plant a forget-me-not.

by Edwina Reizer

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Nice i am with a Adam so this poem relates to me very well thank you for sharing Please when you get a chance read some of my poems especially the ones called: Everyone turns away and All my life Thank you and God bless