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TAM (1940 / Michigan, U.S.A.)

Add This One To Webster

Poem By Theresa Ann Moore

The festivities were filled with mingling elders
Looking forward to an evening dinner and a play
Not everyone knew each other at first glance
Introductions led to many on going conversations

Chitchat at our table flowed like a game of tag
Sporadic laughter and dialogue effervesced
Several ladies strove for position of queen bee
Ruby lips accented the sparkle of flawless teeth

To my right was a friendly grand lady named Bess
She had a gentle charm that gave luster to her age
Her dear friend Martha sat epoxy glued to her elbow
We began to disclose and separate from the stream

Family size somehow became a topic of interest
Bess was from a family of nine; I was a single child
We both were widows now, with families grown
She had three children…one was a nephew-son

The expression was one I had never heard before
The explanation was truly touching and remarkable…
Her youngest sister had passed away during childbirth
Leaving behind six small children who were in need

Bess and each of her siblings welcomed an addition
Keeping the family connected while honoring their sister
Sadness was evident in her reminiscing dark brown eyes
Warmth surfaced as she spoke proudly of her chosen son

As the evening drew to a close, everyone was pleased
The food was delicious and the play surpassed expectations
On the trip home, talk was overflowing with raves of satisfaction
My thoughts lingered with the newfound term: nephew-son…


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