LMG (July 12,1952 / New York City)

Added Dimensions: Beyond The Portal

A haunting image touched my dreams of a lost bird of many colours
that sings from its heart and beckons me to hear its honey-bluesy song.
When I try to look it stares back at me with black, beady eyes,
plumaged in turquoise, teal, bronze, emerald green and purple
iridescent hues, molting as it peers through the filigree bars of its
gilded cage begging me to free it.

Slowly I reach to open the cage door and the bird turns into a golden statue,
only to vanish in the morning light.

The piercing cries of half awake thoughts made me ponder:
what did the puzzling dream mean?
No answer could I find in the pages of the dream tomes.
My vision disappeared into my mind's darkest realm, only to haunt
and resurface every now and then.
For many years when I least expected I would catch a glimpse
of the sweet golden feathered songster and its fragmented melody
kaleidoscoped in myriad patterns haunting me, always tempting singing
'Find me.Follow my notes.'

The soul's long journey had just begun taking the first step
upon a bridge of stars that links in a breath that floats by
touching me to my inner-core of devilish angel insight.
Celestial diamonds among clouds when Angel's kiss, leaving
a mark upon my brow, then takes my hand and leads me to
the secret place between Heaven and Earth, a sacred space
amidst the rainbow kissed flowers, rocks and trees in a place
fluid boundaries change at the speed of a thought as a star takes

Every Crystal Star Child knows the secret of the colour of magic
found within the hidden space in a treasure meant to be unearthed
when one seeks Truth and finds interpretations defined in the eye
of the beholder.Dig deep!
The golden Ankh in the center of a peacock's feathered eye
appears at the entrance of the labyrinth filled with the scrolls
of the Akasha and the sound of the sea.
My shamanic journey begins with one step toward
the light at the end of the cave.

The great goat-foot God Pan plays his merry music calling
to me from the ancient groves.'A spiritual quest! ' says he
'The search for the serpentine grail within continues'
Tap dancing on cloven hooves, leaving footprints
in the waving grass for anyone to follow
he shakes his shaggy horned head then vanishes into the mist,
a retinue of spirit shadows dance behind his piping
weaving Nature's spellbound treasures.

My hands joined my celestial guardian and then we astral- traveled
to a realm so delightfully beautiful as the colourful wispy hues
stopped spinning its silver thread to reveal the sunlit splendor.

Like a bird I fly around the domed bejeweled ceiling
My companion begins to laugh.How free in flight we felt
Lighter than the clouds sparkling brighter than the night time stars.
What joy to shed the common shell that encased me
keeping me a prisoner in a gilded cage.
My soul sang joyfully, no pain just laughter,
the ecstatic lightness of Being
While passing through the levels of the planes, each step I took
I gained a guiding star upon my head.

Down below us the faithful were in prayer singing praises
to the Creator and they had no idea we were present
in the white marble palace floating just like free bird-souls in flight.

'My dear friend' my Bird of Heaven turns to look at me,
her voice inside my head says'There is someone I want you to meet.
You are worthy.'

We entered an indigo, turquoise and gold tiled room encased
in a diamond shaped crystal.The prism turned spraying rainbow
lights in the midst of sandalwood and rosemary incense.
The smoke rising heavenwards permeating every angle
of the pristine crystal.

An archway framed the white spires peeking among the emerald
palm leaves.Grapevines grew in rows neatly tied in boughs
as fig trees waved when Zephyr touched their fruit.
Beyond was a range of purple mountains and sapphire blue
lakes reflecting fluffy clouds.
A gently flowing waterfall meandered like a rainbow serpent down
a series of steps, cascading as it murmured.
Welcoming the the twinkling night sky, the Moon and planets
suspended in space followed their assigned course.
Every constellation told its story and the Zodiac filled the heavens
like a celestial calendar dividng each month in its measurement
of Time.

'This is my house' a soft voice said ' I am who you seek.'

Upon velvet floral, fringed cushions set on a golden filigree throne
sitting in lotus position was a golden figure
The Vision surrounded by the brightness of a thousand brilliant suns
could not compare to this entity's radiant raiment.
Many eyes surrounded but not one blinked, just flowed
gracefully with each movement, slightly moving with every breeze.
His eyes changed from black to purple to turquoise
to green then blue with a light shining forth in the steady gaze He held
upon me.
I felt He could pierce my very soul and knew me better than I
knew myself.His thoughts echoed my soul's story back to me.

My angelic companion laughed at my Soul's astonishment.
'This is the bird of your dreams that you seek.Melek Taus, Murugan
has called to you from realms beyond your own imagination
and astral flight has brought you here.'

'No need to bow.' as my head turned down.
'The Son of the Morning Star bids you welcome.''
Lucifer spoke in telepathic thoughts that only
the soul can hear in the vibrations
of the musically ethereal notes
and the tones of the celestial spheres.

The lyres and flutes played endlessly, no hands upon them could I see
yet the Universe's melody was clearly heard by my angel, my soul
and the Deity.

Then in a flash as the Dawn's early light caressed the fading
starry firmament, I cried.
My angelic companion held my hand as she, dressed in raiment
that matched the colours of the sky guided me to my next

I looked back one last time to see the Tears of Heaven follow us
from the clouds then sparkle like the jewels of the Paradise that I
just visited

As the awesome vision began to fade I made my way to
my earth-bound body.I brought with me the image
of the one last glimpse of Him, wrapped in the rising Sun, gazing
towards the Dawn pouring down like honey upon the mountain peaks
glittering on the lake.

'Bound to earth are you' He said 'until your dying day.
Always remember to keep a song in your head, think with your heart,
feel with your soul and nourish your indigo child.
For you are unique.You are among the many who seek Truth but
never follow their dreams.Live yours.For the rest of your life
you will carry this memory and cherish your guiding light.'

As light as a feather I floated around and spiraled
guided by a breath of fresh air until I spun like the swirling
mist of kaleidoscope colours: cups, swords, wands, pentacles, the
Major Arcana of the Tarot mixed with grape vines
sprinkled with lotus blooms and peacock feathers constantly
changing patterns and shifting colours finally melding into more
solid essences until it turned into golden sand sifting in an
hourglass surrounded by the fragrance of morning and
bird song filling the air.

My Angel in her sparkling blue dress, Heaven's diamonds
circling her head glowing in her radiant nimbus, bent over my
third eye and kissed my forehead leaving a crystalline mark
upon my brow, which pulsated all that day and any time
I think of her.

She waved to me 'Until our next astral flight, my friend'
she whispered, folding her hands and then vanished
from my waking sight.

I still feel her kiss to this very day whenever I hear
music in my heart and I connect with my innerchild
I know that my life's lesson is that my soul guides my way
in life and death and I can trust my Angel.
The Old Soul within me sees the Truth, guides my way
on the path I choose to take and reminds me of what I've
learned.Until our next astral flight leads me to another
stage of my shamanic journey, I await eagerly my next
stepping stone on the pathway filled with spiritual
enlightenment and wear my crown of stars again..


This is based on a real dream I had last year...and after much soul searching I thought I would share my dreamscape.....

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Comments (9)

Wow, this is amazing. You have truly visited the heavens and returned to tell us all about it. It is also interesting that you mention the Crystal Star. I have written a poem about my daughter who died recently - her name was Crystal and the poem is called 'The Crystal Star'. Thank you for sharing this personal experience with us.
Beautiful. You take the reader on a trip of wonder and vision. It is full of dreamy kinda thoughts. I can acutually see the colors displayed. DC
Wow! and goodness me what a long and wonderful piece of writing. Your spiritual journey amazing and colors and imagery woven right throughout. It seems you are a very evolved soul in this dimension and your dream interpretation is stunning. 10 Karin Anderson
Holy cow that was long, and you know what, you didn't lose me at one bit. That's a great ability you know. I really enjoyed the imagery in this poem.
Sounds like a message from your true Self. A 'big' dream sent to you from the gods that dwell within.
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