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Addict Static Dramatics
DL (10/16/88 / Florida)

Addict Static Dramatics

It is death all it touches dies and fries
glam team, fix imperfection it's appearance is my only possession
it's profession is my last session
Don't mention your personal apprehention
to the end. there is no tention
in death. Acession? Acession?
Acession is not of this dimension,
decssion is all we are destined for.
Die please, squeeze the last breath
out of black lungs, taught tongues and broken loves.
It is my salvation.
It is final destination.
your body wants rest, rest in death final breath
Big breaths won't help such a whelp like you.
Antichrist superstar doesn't waste this time.
His only feed is your grief
he is no thief
Antichrist superstar
I found you at the bottom of a bottle
while I was going full throttle.
Antichrist superstar save me
Antichrist superstar take me.
Antichrist superstar make me.
I am antichrist superstar
Sin, sin, sin smile as I dial your number
you'll never feel any number
or look any dumber. remember all you ever loved?
And that is all I will ever take.
You are nothing without me.
Do not doubt me.
You cannot live without me.
I am addict my life is static.
I can't feel
and noone can hear me squeel.
It's so tough to deal with feeling
\When your only god is thrilling you.
when your only god is killing you.
when you are antichrist superstar.
when your god is antichrist superstar

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