Poem By Victoria Hughes

I damage my lungs
Day after day
Knowing someday
That i'll have to pay

Pay the price
For smoking them up
Carry on
And not giving up

Everyday they get weaker
It gets harder to breathe
But the power of addiction
Just won't recede

I have tried to quit
But there are penalties there too
Giving up...
Just ain't easy to do.

(C) Victoria Hughes August 2005

Comments about Addict

As a chainsmoker of three years, I know a little bit about this.. I know you are not around, still thanks for sharing..
We all addictions that are difficult to give up, hang in there.
Very good poem Victoria. My mom is constantly hooked up to oxygen because she now enjoys a life of dealing with emphysema and COPD due to her smoking. She is only 59 and I honestly will be suprised if she survives another year or two at the most because of all the damage. I hate myself for being angry at her for cheating me out of the time we should have. I hope you find the strength to quit before you (and your family) suffer as she (and I am) is. Sincerely, Mary
From one Hughes to another, Victoria, I'm a nicotine addict, smoked for almost 50 years - cigarettes, cigars and a pipe. Eventually my health deterriorated to the point of being very close to galloping emphysema. The choice were simple quit, or die a miserable death. So I did, cold turkey, five years ago. Please don't let the same thing happen to you. You've acknowledged the futility, so act on it. Good luck, Jerry

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