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Poem By Dee Daffodil

Oh sure...
It started innocently enough

In the beginning
It was a verse here
A sonnet there
The occasional limerick
But before long...
She was hooked!

She was walking around
In a fog
Fragments of verse
Cluttering her mind
Threatening to steal
Her very soul

She was main-lining
Up to fifty
Poems a day

She had her regular dealers
That she would visit
And occasionally
She'd try something new
Sometimes, she would
Pedal her wares
She had to admit
It filled a void for something missing...
But what?

Then one day it came...
The 'intervention'
'Mom! ! You need to buy groceries! !
There's no food in the fridge! ! '
She realized
Then and there
That she had bottomed out...

The computer had to go! !

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Comments (34)

I know the feeling so well my two dogs come and collect me when they want to go 10 Chris
Boy are you 'on the money'! (This had to be written) .
As this will be comment number 33 on this poem I hardly think I can give any new insightful praise, so yes this is good, with a cherry on top.
Yeah true, it is like that with all poets world does exist outside their's beautiful idea and composition 10
Dee this is fantastic, smiles for miles...
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