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LM (14 June 1989 Please Comment :) / Ballarat, Australia :))


Poem By Lyrael Myrna

I want to stay addicted to this drug
It gives me warmth that spreads
Throughout my body
It cures me of cold, lonely nights
In my room, writing songs
Wishing you could read my mind

I want a never ending prescription
I’ll track down the doctor if I need to
Though you seem to prescribe it freely
I know so much is just my body reacting
But my mind overweighs it sometimes
Reaching out for just a bit more each time
I love the feeling when it kicks in

I love it especially when it rains
To see your face- with shadows of glistening
Raindrops hit our heads and we laugh
Trying to keep warm
The drug kicks in and there’s nothing to worry about
Because we are slowly becoming accustomed
To this emotion we experience
Something we don’t know
But enjoy having

Until the morning drenches us with sunlight
Until the evening is soaked with dew
Until the morning when my eyes open
Until the evening is blessed with you
This feeling I get hits me like a million
Butterflies have all trapped themselves inside me
You should know that feeling
When you wake up
Next to another there-
Your only source
Of life
Feeding your addiction
Every time
You need the fix

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Love this one Lyreal.Ill have some of that.Well written and from the heart. Regards, Sid John