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GS (17/12/82 / brighton uk)


Poem By Gareth Simpson

You portray a misconception of the truth
but only from the outside can you see proof

Stealing the lives of those weaker will powered
Playing the boss but you're secretly coward

Maybe I'm biased ‘cause I've never succumbed
My heart, 'cause of you, has already been numbed

Its not just those inflicted that you affect
It's also those close to them that they reflect

You took away our childhood, there's nothing worse
You are only a drug, for us just a curse

I don't understand you, don't want to neither
You're worthless to me, I'm a non-believer

I‘m filled up with hatred whenever you're near
I can't help it, it's a devotion sincere

Through life you have caused nothing but trouble
My castle of dreams has turned into rubble

We've no assets, you've taken us prisoner
Its beyond our control, you are the winner

It's a shame for most, who are in denial
For every step forwards they're dragged back a mile

For those who aren't able with their hearts, be strict
You've stolen their freedom, and taught them addict

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Comments (15)

This poem is not bad at all, your poem really does give out the emotion and the rhyme is also great.
like the rhythm and the rhyme - you or your Danica or both are addicted in the sound of words and their meanings - a blast to blinker some ones eyes and ears...hahaha...well done...keep on your addiction :)
interesting poem man. the rhythm was great and it flowed really well keep that up
wow*_* very beautifully written
Incredible poem Gareth, it speaks in such depth and truth, powerful and meaningful. Sublime!