I lay in bed and think about you,
I love you so, i dont know what to do.
I feel your warmth at my side in bed,
the pain my heart move straight to my soul..

You so far away yet always so near,
you are the reason that i know the love.
I await the time when we talk all night,
I await the time when our hand come close.

To feel you close is my true desire,
our eyes come together like a million stars.
you shine so brightly, i am blind for movment,
your smile so sweet it make me diggy..

I await the time when we embrace each other,
to hear you say, i love you too.....
Even through you are not here
i still missing you so
I will love you forever so far away my love............

by Amazx Anand

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Eyes come together like a million stars and you shine in way of love. Missing love gives pain but still there is hope to meet again to remain together forever. Wonderful love poem is shared here.10