They crawl along the streets like zombies:
Heads cowed over Androids and iPhones.
Busily pressing buttons,
Risking life and limb
As they cross the road.

It reminds me of "Star Trek Next Generation"
When young Wesley and the rest
Were hypnotised
By some alien "game".

Sometimes they sit in huddles,
Messaging one another
Or playing, yes,
An addictive game.

All lost in a dream world
On Facebook or Twitter-Chat Whatever.
Soon we will no longer "fall out" with anyone:
We will "Unfriend" or "Unfollow" them.

I still prefer my laptop.
But how long before I too
Succumb to this addiction?
How long before my "Facebook Morning Splurge"
Becomes a day-long trawl?

Before I know it I will be like the others:
Lost in panic -
Because I forgot to bring
My mobile.

© PB 25\12\2017.

by Paul Butters

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Addiction to gadgets negatively influencing our life.. Well penned Paul