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He drank till he was drunk
Every drink dropped him
Farther into darkness
His addiction was too strong

Anger swarmed around him
As if he was a collector of hate
Cries of pain followed him as he walked
Every step leading him closer to his fate

Fearing a loved our broke our hearts
So we left him
Hoping that he would open his eyes
His addiction was too strong

The loss of his loved ones
Tortured him
Wishing he was dead
He drove himself to a place

A place where darkness was all he knew
The darkness became his home
Living in darkness we hoped that he would change
His addiction was too strong

Then the day came
When light greeted him
He destroyed himself
Taking him back to darkness

Until the day when past becomes present
We will see if time
Can really change someone
His addiction was too strong

With the past always there
He will never escape
From the man
He used to be

But we hope
That he will change
Into a better man
His addiction was too strong

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