The wanting is restless
Toes tapping, fingers rapping
Against the hard table surface.

The need stands
Body pacing, arms waving
Driving away the addiction.

The desire pours
Every pore, every breath
Expelling its sweetness.

The craving remains
Lurking inside, behind the mind
Willpower pushing it back.

by Sydney Daniels

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Comments (6)

i craze for more.....from u....
Nice imagery and flow
Excellent piece! I especially like the terse, staccato tone you have used here. It adds to the great imagery. Blessings-TGR (Theresa)
Yes, how I do recall. Nice job Syd you placed it all in a few little lines! Patricia
hmm strong words fighting to hold back its very nice keep up your work and i'll have to do the same very nice piece though heh yeah go go go
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