Poem Hunter
(06.08 1983 r. / Gdynia)


you are defenceless
when it is stopping on your road
doesn't let go

as the intruder

it is sneaking in the life
in order to destroy it
is taking the power over you

is showing the countenance of the tyrant
is opening the door to world
perdition and distraction saying

come, I will introduce
my friends to you
it is a gambling, drugs, alcohol...

other world

gradually you more and more
often taste its charm
losing on the way, remnants of


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Comments (4)

How we get addicted is explained poetically. Very good.
Yeah true addiction is something which always intrudes but on our will
I have given this a 6/10, and have copied the page. Please do not change it into a 10/10... like you do with all the others.
Roads rivers oceans voice on top beneath the bottom prays your voice holding choice..it rises in a bubble calling softly..it rides on your tounge...iip