Some like meth.
Others can't help but snort coke.
There are those that cannot stray far from the butt of a cigarette.

Not from the lighter.
Nor from the high they get.
Nicotine has them wrapped around it's pinky finger.

Calling out to them when life is spread thin.
But not I.
It seems as though you have my attention like a horror film.

I sit by and watch horrified behind shaking hands.
Too engulfed in fascination to turn away.
Yet, petrified of how I might change.

Knowing you like the cigarette are not what I need but what I crave.
Like an animal in a zoo, I am bound here by theses bars consisting of you.
I not dare and squeeze through, for if I do I'd pass the moment of a lifetime with you.

Until one day you will become so satisfactory that you will not only be what I want.
But what I need.
You, will become my nicotine.

by Lauren Harper

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