SM (March 29,1990 / Sunny California)

Addictive Drug

How can things go so wrong?
How can things end so sad?
How can our love die so young?

I’d beat my heart out for you
I knew it from a start, the game of love is a battle
I set my feelings a blaze, just as I burn the memories of you

Intoxicated with you my drug
Needles feel better than the wound of pain you left behind
My Addictive Drug…
I think of you so much it makes me sick

I’d never erase you or regret you
I just need to bury you alive, in order to forget
‘Cause my heart bleeds tears of unforgiving love and hate

Cut deep within me is a mark of you
Drain me of all my pain!
Love me or kill me, please just set me free! ! !

Words can’t explain the agony left inside my heart
Scars are beautiful when there’s no memory of pain attached
Pain feels so good at times because it reminds me that I'm still alive

It’s a pity to be addicted to you, my love
I need space to breathe my last breath
Set me free! My Addictive Drug…
To love you no more

So foolish and stupid
My favorite and best scar of all…
To take a stole drug… you my beloved
My Addictive Drug…

Tasteless senseless little pills, needles and grass
I’m damned to forever be yours
But someday I will forget the pain
My Addictive Drug…

Some day I will no longer be intoxicated with loving you…..

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