TTO ( / Washington State)


Time flies Phillip, you know-
I think black and white will work just fine-
Many people have been out to make their Mark...
Everyone is involved this time...

Leon the Lion from Nebraska-
Lincoln from Pauls place-
George and his upland verse-
And Jam, complete this race...

Get to it now Phillip, you know-
The Golden Rule does not apply-
Even though she is another person entirely now-
You know: 'An eye for an eye'...

She got disgusted with Jams suggestion-
Understand it made her sick-
So Phillip get out your paint-
And paint her address numbers quick...

Cuz time flies, yes it does-
I can still remember when 'It' was-
Back in the day when cops were called the fuzz-
And a lot of talk and inuendo was called the buzz...

April 11,2009
11: 43 P. M. Central Time

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