Drawing On Windows

And she's dancing and day dreaming
While everyone she knows is sleeping
3 am it calls her through the night

Those things you have, those things you hold
Really do you need them more than
These words you put yourself across the page

It's time to sing it's time to dance
You say and plod by two-by-two
But she's the one who's laughing, screaming
Telling you there is more meaning
Than just following the path straight through your life

Clouds will part and showers fall
You've seen them once, you've seen them all
But she looks past the clouds into the big blue sky

It's more than just a quick salvation
That you like to call salvation
And she sees as one more thing to grow over

Because you'll never understand
The way it is and more ways than
You ever really wanted to
She's here, never fear, my dear

by Lidia Running

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Wow. A beautifully descriptive write. Never knew he could write about romance so wonderfully! A pleasant surprise!