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I remember...

moment it would rain,
we would all come out,
n got wet.

moment its festive time,
we would all come out,
n rejoiced.

moment its beautiful evening,
we would all come out,
n played soccer.

moment anything credible,
we would all come out,
n together rejoiced.

But Alas! ! !
it changed.

moment we got internet,
nobody came out,
to get wet.

moment we joined orkut,
nobody came out,
to get back in time n overlook.

moment we started posting,
mobody came out,
they were all roasting.

Its too much a change,

moment i go back,
i get back my life n fell busy,
so many goals to achieve,
n life so full of things yet to see.

I miss my real world.

Its still not too late,
i just need to be cautious.
Now having realised the importance of time,
I know time is very precious.

Now just wanna take leave,
so long has it been,
since i realised its nothin' but myself.
-Prankul(8th No,2004)

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hey, dats kool. i like it xoxo amber xoxo