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RB (20/05.1969 / INDIA)



I have to bid adieu
To my neighbors first
Then to my friends old and new
Because tonight I have a visitor
To take me to
The undiscovered land
From where no traveler returns
As the Bard said.

I'm received and feted well
My neighbors say farewell
I'm basked in the sunshine of love
Noble are they but happy with my fate.

Flanked by all of them
Fanned by their winged love.
I'm shown the way out
Thrilled are they
Their eyes are beaming
Beaming with smiles unknown.

Now, I'm at my office
with my friends nice
Though an officer positioned high
My shortcomings are counted high
I see the smile devoid of tears
in their eyes
Cause' of the empty seat in future.

I'm served a sumptuous meal
At noon
With dishes I've never tasted
Perhaps my last lunch.

I'm happy to see
The gladness in the faces
Known and unknown
And all are giving me a warm send off!

But somebody is sobbing there
Oh! It sounds like my mother's
Or my better half's
Or my dearest kids'!
Surely, I can't make it out, I bet!

The time has come
I have to go now
My visitor is lurking
In the dark over there
I take my luggage and
Glanced at the dearest faces of mine
For the last time.
I look at my neighbors
Stars are twinkling in their eyes.

I step into the rain
I'm lonely now
Darkness hugs me with its icy hands
Rain drops are rolling down on my face
I blink my eyes
Darkness is is being dispelled
Daylight is kissing on my forehead

My destructive visitor is no more
He is lurking no longer there
Because He was murdered
Murdered with a glass of water
By my mother....my all time savior!

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Comments (4)

A Wonderful write from beginning till end. Bidding the final adieu is really painful for the near and dear ones. our thoughts travels a lot before bidding adieu to each and everyone. But it's true people love to remember the sweet memories of loved ones before bidding bye for the last time. Once again a Beautiful presentation. Loved reading it.
Bidding final adieu to near ones is always a pain for the departing one and the death of a dear one is a rude shock for his close family! Some may be happy in their heart of hearts though they put on an air of grief! But always for a mother, to accept the departure of her child is so very difficult! You have whimsically created a moving scene! Great write!
Loaded with suspense, thrill and victory....victory over evil in the hands of mother the all time saviour.......very nicely crafted.......I like it very much.... great imagery........a tenner from me
Nice work. Thanks for sharing this poem with us. E.K.L.