I'll hold you for a final kiss,
Its time to say goodbye.
And I don't know if ever we
Will meet before I die.
Miles of ocean and of Land,
Can't keep us far apart,
But my dear, I cannot break
The chains that bind my heart.
Your lovely face is in my eyes,
I know you are not far.
I cannot touch, but see each night
The far off evening star.
Your eyes, your lips, your every form,
Is still fresh in my mind.
You are with me, though I know well
I've left you far behind.
My arms yet yearn to hold you close,
My lips are hungry still.
My eyes have seen your charms but yet
They haven't had their fill.
Each time you think of me, just pray,
Let tears not come to eye....
And I promise you my dear
We'll meet before I die.

by Shabeeh Haider

Comments (9)

Well conceived and elegantly crafted in persuasive poetic expressions with artistic brilliance. A lovely creation from the heart. Thanks for sharing.
The stately moving lyricality and the deeply felt feelings of this poem are stunning! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Very well written, though pensive. It sounds nice and promising. I like it, your rhythm and rhyming is nice. Good luck and keep writing.
The fragrance of emotions and colors of love have made this poem a touching beauty..........10
What a poem of great romance. Young people will surely love this.
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