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<≪≪≪admirable Creature≫≫≫≫

Thy eyes shine, comely; O Rose,
Thou art mine, love me!
By heart and soul and be close
Before I sleep in my sea.
Lenient are my beams,
Caressing thy rubious shores
And thy redolent dreams
Dwell in thine heart doors.
'Be not silent to me'!
Unto the throbs of heart.
Never depart!
From their songs of glee.
Let thy love, sempervirent;
Be blossomed as reverent,
Over my green pasture:
As thou art an admirable creature!
Be of good courage!
'O' beloved, in my love
For I shall never cage
Thy wings, O my mate-dove.

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extraordinary poem, vipin, carry on.. i enjoyed reading your poem....
Wow.wonderful poem...Each lines to romantically penned. Loved reading it.
lovely, beautiful epression..
A very emotive write! Beautiful images!
Well rhymed, romantic poem.Really awesome.
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