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I had admired her once from afar
Like a butterfly kept inside a jar,
I saw that beauty in just a glance
But I wasn’t looking for love; just romance,
She was that beautiful woman that day I saw
But seeing myself, I am nothing, but short and bald,
I had nothing to contribute or to volunteer
My life my belief and my living was all unclear,
But my heart it raced and my blood was on fire
She then became my fantasy and my desire,
Sadly to me she was another man’s wife
I then had to lie, cheat and steal to get her in my life,
According to GOD she wasn’t mine to have or own
But that law and belief, happily to her it was unknown,
Then I found out that she was just like me
She also lied and cheated, and used people constantly,
I found the beauty of hers was all on the outside
While her sin and evil conveniently she did hide,
The two of us we then became a perfect pair
We knew what we did was wrong, but we did not care,
I look back now at what we both have destroyed
While sinning and hurting those times we both enjoyed,
Once I admired her as a butterfly in a glass container
Now I wished that her beauty was much plainer,
We both lost our souls and our salvation
When she became my sin, and my admiration.

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Your sins are forgiven. Go and sin no more. God loves a repentant heart