(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Admit It

You can not be 'that',
When you need to be 'here'.
To take care of 'this'.
With a ridding of kept expectations,
Time you'll find one day will fix.

And you can not be there,
Or everywhere else.
To believe you can leave,
Your own troubles on the shelf.
Ignoring advice you dislike.

Wake up and see 'that',
For what it is.
Wake up and give 'this',
More of your attention to give.
Wake up and prioritize,
Your life to live.
And you will find the minding,
Of your 'own' business...
Begins to eliminate your anguish,
And those anxieties you invite.
With a calming you down...
On prescribed sedatives.

When you awaken,
And have had enough...
You will realize a disgust that sucks,
Had been yours to create.
To face excuses made you validated.
That day you wake up to admit it.

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